October 03-04, 2022
Las Vegas, NE


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DX3 USA 2022 will take place on October 03-04, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Retail has moved well beyond location, location, location. Today’s retail is so much more than brick & mortar stores and product access. The transformation of the retail sector is inherently linked with the evolution of technology and how it changed the marketing and retail industries. DX3 is rooted at the intersection of Retail, Marketing, and Technology. These three elements define retail of today and the future and are the building blocks with which successful retailers will build their growth story. We at DX3 recognize that and have built an event that brings together people from each of those groups to help you unlock learning, understand new strategies, and discover new tools.

Technology in a single representative event of this nexus. Retail has transformed rapidly, both by design and by circumstance, in production, warehousing, distribution, payment, customer service, and merchandising. Marketing and Technology are two key components of this transformation and are critical to the survival and growth of retail businesses. DX3 is the only event that focuses on the relationship and role that marketing and technology play in the growth and survival of retail businesses. Our focus is

  • Growth
  • Transformation
  • Efficiency

DX3 has successfully completed 10 years in Canada and that experience has taught us a thing or two about bringing together the right audience. We believe now, post-COVID-19, is the right time for DX3 to expand into the US and share our passion and success.We have been talking about the intersection of Retail, Marketing, and Tech for10 years, you could say we were ahead of our time, but now post-pandemic, this intersection has become a milestone in the evolution of the Retail industry, and the US as the leader in Retail, Marketing and Tech is the next logical step for us.

DX3 alumni include established and larger corporations from the Fortune 500 like Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks, and young new start-ups that have gone on to greater successes, such as Shopify. We have seen some of our alumni brands shoot to the stars while others have been adapting and evolving. We have seen the rapid growth of small brands, the stumbling of giants, and everything in between. The DX3 sweet spot is for growing mid-sized retail businesses that range from $50 million - $500million in revenue.

At DX3 this year you will learn about

  • Future perspectives– Retail beyond COVID?
  • What our transformative retail and marketing sectors will look like beyond 2021?
  • Role of marketing in retail industry beyond the brand play
  • Evolution of brands – brands aren’t limited to the depth and breadth of inventory but have expanded into creating experiences for consumers.
  • Discovering and understanding emerging technologies to help make sense of data with analytical tools, navigate logistics, and enhance user experience etc.

Who's PartiCIPATED?

PAST participants of DX3 Canada 2021include:

Through interactive installations and provocative content, DX3 is your one-stop-shop for taking advantage of everything retail, digital marketing, and tech has to offer.

DX3 2020 - An Event To Remember



I was honoured to be a first time speaker at the DX3 conference this year.  Obviously organizing such a large conference remotely during Covid was no small task. But wow.  Just wow. From the preplanning and initial organization right through to the end of the conference itself, I was impressed all along the way. Jacqueline Dinsmore

Jacqueline Dinsmore
Flapjackkids & Caravel Law

Just wanted to give you and the team a huge thanks for pulling off such a great event. I've been attending DX3 since the very first year and I wasn't sure how such a networking-driven event would make the transition to virtual. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to connect with vendors and sponsors and other attendees. The sessions I attended were very well done and the technology seemed to work well.

Elizabeth Williams
Candler Chase

“I greatly enjoyed DX3 for three reasons 1) inspirational speakers, 2) super-relevant audience 3) excellent organization. In short, an event not to be missed!”

Jorij Abraham
Ecommerce Foundation

"The conference topics look fantastic BTW.I plan to take in many! The biggest problem is trying to pick which concurrent session to be in. Some of our team will guest in and we will divide and conquer and share notes afterwards. You all have done a great job on picking really inspiring and relevant topics. Kudos.

John Vellinga
Zirkova Vodka

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